New Associate Pastor at Journey Christian Church, Adam Wright, joins with passion for discipleship


Adam Wright began his position of Associate Pastor at Journey Christian Church on April 15 of this year, moving from his hometown of Chappell, Nebraska to join the Wayne community. 

He learned of this position through a conference and felt eager to apply. After a few interviews, meetings with Pastor Dave, discussions with the Elder’s board and a vote from the congregation, Wright began his new adventure.  

The new pastor’s main duties involve leading life groups, helping with worship and encouraging discipleship within the community. This last section of duties has prompted the most excitement within Wright.  

"A lot of the time, we attend regularly, but don't always dive in deep,” Wright said. “That's a big part of what Journey is all about, wanting to make disciples that make disciples.”  

To Wright, the process of discipleship outlines the never-ending work towards moving forward in the members’ relationship with Jesus and the act of helping others do the same.   

Focusing on this process at all steps of life, Journey Christian Church places a great focus on its relationship with students from Wayne State College. Through graduation season, Wright has witnessed firsthand the education of student followers and how they have utilized their faith through their move into the workforce.  

"That's the same job of discipleship, to train us to follow Christ, and then work to go out and use those skills to help others,” Wright said. “[Discipleship] goes well with what the community of Wayne does as a whole.” 

Journey’s congregation and the surrounding community have welcomed the new pastor with open arms. Wright has already fostered deep connections with members and continues to receive invitations to meet with local families as they become settled in their new home.  

Wright’s addition brought an atmosphere of enthusiasm and a new chapter of fellowship to the church community.


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