The Farmer's Wife: Mail includes entertaining calendar


As usual, the month is going fast, even though, as my neighbor claims, I don't have that much to do, but it takes me all day to do it!!

The mail here can arrive any time after noon until 5 p.m., depending on who is delivering it. Our regular guy is a fellow from Verdigre, who plans to retire there. In the typical Nebraska connected way, I knew his sister, who is a nurse at Faith Regional in Norfolk.

But when he's gone, and he was gone for a long time this summer after an accident involving his hand, we have various and sundry replacements; some of whom do not seem to move very fast; others, who seem not to know their way around this part of Lincoln.

I almost always have something in my box, even if it's just a statement from the county assessor with a website on which I can check the current valuation of this townhouse.  (Thank you, new neighbor, who bought during the height of the market craziness!)( In his defense, they are great neighbors.)

Other days, usually on Tuesday, there are a bunch of circulars with the latest grocery sales. But today, Monday, I hit the jackpot.. 

There was a thank you note from Laney and Maclin, and in fact, Laney had printed her name and drew a picture. Along that line were two appreciation letters from fourth graders in our church school, since it's Lutheran Schools Week. One had a simple, special drawing of a manger.  I love these.

I guess the highlight today, though, was the calendar from the Hildreth fire department. In case you don't know, Hildreth is close to Minden and Jon's buddy at Wesleyan hails from there.  

I had seen a notice in the paper that in order to raise money for the all volunteer fire and rescue unit in Hildreth, they were printing a calendar. Wow, I thought, maybe there will be photos of some firemen hunks in their garb.

So, I called Cornerstone Bank in Hildreth and was connected to the local representative for an organization called Grow Hildreth. I told her I am always interested in promoting the volunteers who staff our fire and rescue units and to put me down for a calendar.

It came today. On the front is a fireman washing a Hildreth Fire truck, and he is a cutie. They have to do that, too, and in the rural areas, especially this year, they are picking up a lot of slush and muck. Opening to January, we have a fireman in full regalia taking a flame thrower to a snowman! This in front of a red steel building, which makes quite a picture.

I really like February because it features a COUPLE in firemen's garb, having a Valentine dinner. There are candles, and it looks as if one has started a fire in the drapes. These volunteers are often female you know.

But the penultimate page is December, with a fire and rescue guy in a short bathrobe, holding on to a truck hose, wearing a cap with ear flaps, in front of a snazzy fire truck. I don't see a cigar, but it's pretty obvious which movie it's parodying.  It's all fun, and I will enjoy this calendar all year!