The Farmer's Wife: Mystery of sleepiness solved


Until the last two years, I was a faithful church goer, seldom missing unless I was at work, and I don't think I ever fell asleep during a sermon, no matter how long or hard to follow.  Sometimes, I might have worked the evening before, or even the night shift, but made it to church and then collapsed when I got home.  

But . . . I think I must have slept this past Sunday.  Because of the virus, we have had access to services via You Tube, and it can make one lazy very quickly.  Of course, it was ideal for Mike, and he loved being able to have a second cup of coffee and staying in his pajamas for the service. And I have followed suit for much of this year.

This past Sunday, the forecast was for nice weather, and because of the time change, I would even get an extra hour of sleep, so I told myself it was time to start going in person again. The 10:30 service is the contemporary one, not my favorite,but the other choice is 8 a.m. At that late service, the sermon is last.

I heard the Gospel read, it was the Beatitudes, and then Pastor Will went to the pulpit and began talking about someone named Jim.  The next thing I knew he was saying Amen, and we were standing for the Benediction!

I drove home, finished reading the World Herald, and feeling sleepy, went to bed for a nice long nap.  When I woke up, I made lunch and took a walk, it was so nice out.  After checking email messages and having my evening meal of apple slices and peanut butter, I settled in for Call the Midwife and Grantchester.  

About 9 p.m., I got out my mediset, intending to take the bedtime pills. I have been taking a sleep aide for almost two years now, and I'm not in a mood to quit just yet.  But, the pills for Sunday eve were not there! And, Sunday mornings were.  Yes! I had taken the evening meds with breakfast and sure enough, they put me to sleep in church!  It's a miracle I drove there and back safely; my Guardian Angel was working overtime again.

Well, at least I knew why I had been so sleepy in church and still, after getting back home. And, of course, since I had taken that nice nap I was definitely not sleepy now, even with the med, which I had to get from the bottle in the closet. So, I flipped channels and found Hoosiers, a great movie I had never seen, and stayed up late watching it.  But I've been chastising myself, and laughing at myself, ever since.  And I must apologize to our minister; his sermons do not put one to sleep, either via You Tube, or in person!!  This was another old lady escapade of the kind we really do not want to tell our daughters!  I can see the Long Term Care Facility in my future now!


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