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Reminiscing while reading old columns


I think it's hot here; then, I read in today's Omaha paper, it's going to be 104 in the UK, and railroad ties are buckling!!  And again, there will be deaths related to hyperthermia.  Most buildings there do not have air conditioning. 

I mentioned to a neighbor last night as I got into my Escape and turned on the air, “ I remember the first car we bought that had it; I thought I was in Utopia!”

Sometimes, in the evenings, when I don't have reading material, I get out some of the albums that hold old columns. At one time, my Mom was doing the cutting and inserting; we had not yet got in the habit of dating them. So, I might be talking about Easter in one; Christmas in the next! When I took over again, and put them in chronological order, they are easier to read.

But one thing it has done for me is make me realize how short our attention spans are. There were a couple football debacles under Dr. Tom I had totally forgotten about; one even involved our current coach, who was a player at the time.

Another referenced a lieutenant governor who resigned after an in depth investigation by the paper found 2000 cell phone calls to four different women, at night, on a state issued phone!!  My gosh!  When did he sleep?  

In neither case, did I mention any names, but we all knew at the time who I was referencing. Now, I had to jog the old memory.  My two neighbors and I discussed the fact that we are already “war weary”.When Russia first invaded Ukraine, it was front page news. There were folks singing the Ukrainian national anthem, flying blue and yellow flags, or displaying sunflowers.. Now, we have to search to find what is going on there.  And when we find it, it's not good news.

This morning, though, I had an announcement from our church body that grants have been given to churches in Romania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech republic to free up rooms to house refugees, schools for the children, and spiritual support as needed. Also, Orphan Grain Train is gathering supplies and money for another shipment.

In an article I found online, a woman in Poland is quoted as saying they have done their best to welcome their Ukrainian neighbors because “if Russia is fighting there, they are not fighting here.”

 I believe most of the border countries realize they are always in Russia's plans.  

I also spoke often about the state of sports in Wayne county, in Nebraska, at Wesleyan, and nationally. I think it was because the Big Farmer always had a game on, either on the TV or on the computer. Lately, that hasn't happened, and further, no one we are concerned about is playing. And, let's face it, Nebraska has not been very successful. The paper says Trev Alberts has a big job, and I believe it.

One long time sports writer has left, and has not announced future plans. In the meantime, his spot is being filled with a young woman who started life in Funk, Nebraska, reading the Holdrege paper.  

But she says that even then, she aspired to the shoes of Sipple, Shatel, or McKeown. Now, she has her chance. She has practiced on the New Orleans Saints. It will be interesting to hear a woman's slant.

But, in the meantime, continue to pray for peace, and search out the latest regarding Ukraine. We must not forget them! Russia, and her ally, China, would love to dominate us all! 


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