Time for a Grand Champion fair experience


 The Wayne County Fair, along with every county fair, provides 4-H youth across the state with an opportunity to showcase the project work that they have completed throughout the year and to receive recognition for their efforts.

Model rockets that have been assembled from basic materials, cookies that will make your mouth water, sheep that are sheared for the big show, and many other exhibits can most likely be seen at the Wayne County Fair. Through these projects, youth develop self-confidence by experiencing success at solving problems and meeting challenges. County fairs provide a safe environment for youth to make mistakes and to receive constructive feedback, not only through competition, but also through their participation.

4-H youth look forward to the county fair because of the fun that this time of year brings. Whether showing a market steer, modeling a garment in the Fashion Revue, or exhibiting a GIS map of a local park, youth across all project areas compete and participate in the county fair activities because they are fun.

Youth have shared that “achieving goals,” “spending time with friends,” and “teamwork” contributed toward their engagement in the annual county fair. Recognition, competition, fair premiums, and qualifying for the State Fair ranked low in comparison to these other motivating factors.

 Important educational youth development opportunities also exist within the 4-H fair experience. By completing 4-H projects and activities at the local fair and throughout the year, youth are mastering skills to make positive career and life choices. It is important for youth to discover in a non-threatening setting that certain vocations may or may not be right for them.

Give 4-H youth at your local county fair a grand champion experience by providing constructive feedback and encouragement. Your words and actions will allow youth to discover their own personal strengths and weaknesses through their 4-H project areas, all while having fun in a positive county fair environment. We can’t wait to see you at the Wayne County Fair July 27 – 30th! 

July Reminders

July 4: Independence Day—Office Closed

July 6: Favorite Foods Contest Entries DUE

July 6: Contest Day & All Fair Entries except Horticulture/Floriculture due.

July 6: Current Cat, Dog & Ferret vaccination records due.

July 15-19: Fonner Park Horse Expo, Grand Island.

July 20: Contest Day, Wayne Expo Building.

July 20: Favorite Foods Contest, Wayne Expo Building.

July 22: Cat, Dog & Small Animal Show, Fairgrounds.

July 24: Pre-Fair Clean-up night.

July 25: Extension Office moves to the Fairgrounds.

July 26: Static Exhibits Judged, Wayne Expo Building.

July 26: Horticulture/Floriculture Entries due.

July 27-30: Wayne County Fair.

July 29: Public Fashion Show, Fairgrounds.

July 30: State Fair Fashion Show/Contest Entries due.

July 31: Extension Office re-opens at Courthouse, 1:30 p.m.

July 31: Post-Fair Clean-up night.