‘Tis the Season - take time to enjoy it


Last month, I wrote about the importance of taking the time to spend quality moments with family.  

It seems like December brings about even more hustle and bustle than November sometimes. With all the shopping, decorating, wrapping, and rushing to and from Christmas events, we forget what this season is about. However you choose to spend the holidays, make a point to slow down.  

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this last month, but it is worth repeating in the world we live in today.  Slow down and look at the festive (or tacky) Christmas lights people have put on their houses. Slow down and actually read the Christmas cards you receive in the mail.  Slow down and watch the sparkle of the snow falling, even if you must ignore the wind for a minute.  

In the days ahead, slow down and notice the twinkle in the eyes of children as they take in all the wonder and imagination of the holidays.  

In my Sunday school class a few weeks ago, we talked about traditions, especially those that we partake in during the holidays. We had to think about why we have those traditions and how long we have been doing them.  

For example, for our Christmas meal every year, my family skips the turkey and ham to make enchiladas and tacos. It’s a bit unorthodox, but it’s something we look forward to and have made our own. What holiday traditions do you have in your own family? Are there new traditions you want to start this year?  

So, to circle back, stop and think about what is going on in your life this holiday season. Take in the inspiration, the magic, and the sense of joy. Start a new tradition or revive an old one.  Enjoy the time and don’t get too caught up in the busyness of it all.  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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