Kids follow their alumni moms’ footsteps to WSC


It was the beginning of a friendship that continues to this day.

While Audra (Sievers) Miller and Jill (Reitz) Johnson didn’t know each other before enrolling at Wayne State College in the mid-90s, their common interests and activities kept bringing them together on campus.

They both became resident assistants (RAs) in Bowen Hall and they both majored in elementary education. As time went on, they graduated, began their careers, got married (they were both in each other’s weddings), and started families, all while remaining friends and keeping in touch.

Today, almost 30 years later, they have one more thing strengthening their friendship – they have kids who both began classes at Wayne State in August.

“We couldn’t believe it when we learned that both of them decided to attend Wayne State,” said Miller, a native of Wayne currently living in Wayne. “We’ve always stuck together and kept in touch, but that news was unbelievable.”

Miller’s daughter, Logan, is majoring in pre-nursing, while Johnson’s son, Landon, is a construction management major at Wayne State. Neither mom is disappointed that they didn’t follow in their education footsteps.

“We’re just happy they’re both pursuing areas they are passionate about,” said Johnson.

Miller is currently a reading specialist at Pender Community Schools, and Johnson, a native of Battle Creek, Iowa, who currently lives in Correctionville, Iowa, is an elementary administrative assistant for River Valley Elementary School in Washta, Iowa.