The Farmer's Wife: Many are offering assistance to Ukraine


You know, there are mass shootings, Covid is still around, the western part of the US is in a major drought, while the eastern half has had lots of snow and now, tornadoes; and there is a war going on in Ukraine. Also, girls in Afghanistan are not being allowed to go back to school. So, what has been on the news for over a week? A slap at the Academy Awards, which I have not watched now for years.  

Meanwhile, the creative ways to help Ukraine or the countries taking in the refugees continue. For instance, David Beckham turned over his Instagram account to an Ukrainian doctor who is head of a regional perinatal center.  

Samaritan's Purse has sent TWO giant planes; one loaded with supplies: food, medicine, hygiene items: the other, with its portable field hospital, complete with staff: doctors and nurses. My hat goes off to those folks.

11,000 pounds of dog food was collected in the UK and sent by International Pet Transport; who knew there was such a thing?  

Belgium utilities companies have connected the Ukrainian power grid to their system, ending dependence on Russian power stations.

That World Central Kitchen?  Had provided 1 million meals already last week.  

Elon Musk has sent Starlink terminals for uninterrupted internet service, which is vital in connecting families or in communications for their military.

Airbandb has raised over two millions dollars by purchasing rooms in Ukraine. It has also offered free housing for 100,000 refugees. (They have given 40,000 Afghani refugees free housing.)

A local tour and travel agency has used its contacts to book rooms for refugees. For instance, in Poland, he has contracted with a Best Western for rooms for fifty dollars a night, including breakfast, and is receiving donations to pay for them.  It seems that the Poles have a saying, “A guest in the house is God in the house.”

That reminds me of the BandB motto; “Do not hesitate to show hospitality to strangers. For thereby, some have entertained angels unaware”.  Hebrews 13:2.