The Farmer's Wife: Amazed by what can be done with technology


We tuned into Quarantine Tonight a bit late and found we were missing the Duffy Belorad orchestra; all dressed up in white shirts & bow ties, and playing the music from the Fifties!  For my part, they could be on every night. They look so good, and they sound like it, too.

It's hard for me to talk about how lush and green it looks around here; the  trees and bushes, the day lilies, the grass. When I know how dry it is in Wayne county. The friend in Randolph drove to Hastings over the weekend and reports that corn is curling everywhere she looked.  

My cousin was here for a glass of lemonade this afternoon, on the way home to Lake View, Iowa, from his farm south of Waco. He reports that his renter is running four pivots, all from his cell phone! Since I have trouble even finding contacts in mine, that's hard for me to imagine.

I admit we don't go outside if we don't have to, thanks to humidity. I guess we are too close to the Platte here. Also, they are talking about a dust cloud from the Sahara on the weather news. Does that seem possible?

We've had the first BLTs, and some delicious cantaloupe. My mouth is watering to think of the sweet corn that will soon be here. And I'm waiting on my friend to show up with rhubarb; she said she would, so I'm trying to be patient. 

When there aren't any ball games to watch, and the news all seems to be about a virus and the protests, we have to find things to be  thankful for. The latest Parade magazine focused on all the kind deeds being done, some small, some huge, while we stay distanced from each other and when of a certain age, stay home! I guess the one I was proudest of was on the NBC news; a bunch of college students got together to put the farmers with excess vegetables and milk in touch with food banks and others who can distribute to those who might go hungry. We knew there had to be a way, right?  And it turns out there is; again, thanks to technology.

Goodness, I've just learned to use Zoom in the last couple of months, so the things they are doing are way beyond my ken, but I salute them for their efforts. Any time we can connect people in need with those who have goods to give, it's a good thing, right??  Stay cool, stay safe, be well!