The Farmer's Wife: Cobbler recipe is not an exclusive


I'm gradually getting back into the groove of feeding people!!  Nothing fancy, just quiche, but of course, a side dish, & hopefully, a dessert.  Last week it was just cookies. Today, because old friends from the hospital are coming, I'm making Agnes Warneke's recipe for rhubarb cobbler; and for the first time in my life, I had to buy rhubarb!  Of course, after I did that, someone emailed me to say they had some to give away.

Anyway, Agnes Warneke was Lutheran Hospital's employee of the year a few years ago. She came to the “big city” from Valentine, Nebraska, and started work in the hospital in the kitchen.   Soon, she was an aide, and a darned good one! Finally, at age 50, she was in the first LPN class at Northeast College. While she did a pediatric rotation, her youngest stayed with us for a month. She made it, and proudly wore a cap to work.

Now, back to the cobbler. I thought it was an exclusive recipe. I made it at the Farm House a lot, and even had it published in the Syracuse paper. The Big Farmer always enjoyed it, but then, he enjoyed any dessert. That is when I miss him; when I make something he especially liked. Or when NC State beats Arkansas to get to the CWS. (They are 2 and 0 right now, Tuesday, having beat the last champs, Vanderbilt, yesterday.)

The recipe calls for a cup of hot water poured over a batter before baking. The water forms a crisp topping over sugar and corn starch. Rhubarb does require a lot of sugar. So, one day, I'm exchanging emails with a friend in KC. I mentioned the cobbler; she said she had a good recipe for one with peaches; it ended with hot water!   Then, I see a friend from church at the sweet corn stand and mention I'm making the cobbler; she informs me that's the recipe she uses.

Finally, in church two weeks ago, she tells me she made the cobbler, and a third friend pipes up, saying she likes to make hers with the hot water directions. As you can tell, the recipe is not unique! Now, I wish I could ferret out the beginning. But in the meantime, I need to send this on its way and make my bed before they arrive!! 

Wasn't the cool weather a welcome reprieve? Sad to say, it won't last long. But we enjoyed while we could!