The Farmer's Wife: Election, moves on agenda this week


I will be SO GLAD when the primary election is over! One day last week, I had SIX flyers for the same candidate, each from a different source. And someone said it costs $60,000 for each flyer that covers the entire state; can that be true? I hope not.

Plus, today, Monday, the temperature got to 93! And this is the first week in May! It does seem as if weather patterns are not following the usual trends, and the doom and gloom folks are almost rejoicing in it; the fires in New Mexico had now been burning for over a month. They predict more of the same.

I went to a retirement reception last week for a gal who used to baby-
sit for us; Renee Puls Schneider has completed 45 years in nursing, and she blames me for sending her in that direction. She joins two others, Sally Jochens Kerns and Sandra Aeverman Jochens., who also babysat for us and who also became nurses; darned good ones, all three!

I'm not sure what enticed them; it must have been seeing me work crazy hours and weekends and holidays; or maybe it was the big paychecks I brought home; not! Although we all must admit that pay has greatly improved. But hospitals are still open 24/7 and the last two years have sorely tried medical staffs. They deserve to be honored this week, as it is National Nurse Week. As the card from Kay said; once a nurse, always a nurse! And as an old friend reminded me, it was a vocation.  

That darned COVID is still around; two of our kids had it, along with one of my good friends now residing in a long term care facility, and one of my neighbors here in the cul de sac. And she is THE most cautious neighbor and has no idea who passed it to her. Fortunately, none have been super sick, but of course, they must quarantine. I'm beginning to believe the “experts” who predict that most of us will eventually have immunity, from vaccines or experiencing the virus, but they also remind us that immunity seems to wane over time. I'm guessing we will need annual immunizations just like the ones for flu. I've taken to wearing my mask again; can't hurt, might help.

The big news this past weekend was that Courtney, Thomas' wife, graduated from UNMC and they are now a doctor pair. They will be moving to North Carolina for residencies and both his mother and I are kind of sad about that turn of events. We were used to them being just up the road in Omaha, and this will be very different. I know, we've been spoiled, and lots of you folks have endured that kind of separation.  

Randa has been in Kansas City and is moving on to Chicago as I write this. The grands are grown up and following their dreams, just as we did a long time ago. And that's exactly the way it should be, and has been for many generations.  Happy Spring!


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