The Farmer's Wife: Memories from football game will last a lifetime


I know, I know, it was Fordham.  But it was a fun game to watch, after the first quarter, anyway. And Coach Frost said as much to the press after it. And, Vince Lombardi played there; who knew?  Hope they can do it again this Saturday.

And, the volleyball team had some wins, also, even though they struggled at times. With all the new players, Coach Cook needs to come up with a starting lineup yet.

The match with Creighton on Wednesday will be a tough one for them.

AND! Winside not only has won two football games, but have clobbered the other teams. I do wish I could watch one, really! I just finished reading the book, Inseparable, by the Griffin twins. Both played college  ball at UCF, and now, both are in the pros. But both agree nothing beats high school football, Friday Night Lights.

At first, when I heard about the plan to keep the sellout streak going, I was not impressed. Donors buy 2,400 tickets (we don't know how much they paid) and dispense them to kids who don't typically get to games.

But then I saw a video clip of a bunch of little guys, clapping and grinning and having a great time. Then, I read an article by my favorite sports writer, Dirk Chatelain. He described a little boys' football team a fellow was coaching at Winnebago. That coach immediately called the football aide who put the plan together and ended up taking fifty kids and a dozen sponsors/chaperones.  I'm guessing it was the highlight of the year. And rightly so.

They spent time at Cook Pavilion, had hot dogs and chips, and even had time on the turf after the game. Adrian Martinez mentioned meeting some of these kids and loving it.

After all, I thought, we had the peanut section. For fifty cents. Friend Marlyce and I got to see a lot of games when we were in grade school. Our parents enjoyed going, even in the days when we weren't winning so much. If tickets had been seventy bucks then, none of us would have been there. I even recall my parents and another couple going to Oklahoma for a game. This was in the days of Bobby Reynolds.  

Also, when I was in nurses' training, doctors would make rounds on Saturday mornings and ask who would like some tickets. And they were good seats. I didn't understand much about the game in those days, but just enjoyed the experience. I'm thinking that's what those kids got out of their experience last Saturday. And, they probably know more about the game than I do now. They have played it!!