Bring the family together to save lives this holiday season


This holiday season, LifeServe Blood Center is urging families in South Dakota and Nebraska to come together and create a new and meaningful tradition: donating blood as a family to save lives in their communities.

LifeServe Blood Center is the lifeline for more than 160 hospitals primarily in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Hospitals in the community have chosen LifeServe as their sole provider of blood and blood products, meaning that when you donate blood with LifeServe, you can save lives in your neighborhood. As a community-based blood center, LifeServe only hosts blood drives in the communities where that blood will go back into the area hospitals.

As we enter the winter months, inclement weather, holidays, and travel can keep donors from coming in to donate. Tragedy can strike at a moments notice, especially amidst winter weather.  “You never know when you, your neighbor, a family member, or a friend may need a lifesaving blood transfusion; and when they do, those blood products will come from blood donors who give with LifeServe Blood Center.” said Shay Willis, Director of PR & Marketing.

Area communities are full of generous volunteer blood donors, and we are hoping to grow our mission this year. The holiday season is the perfect time to start a new tradition that goes beyond gift-giving. By coming together as a family to donate blood, you can make a direct impact on the lives of those in need. LifeServe encourages families to turn this act of kindness into a cherished holiday tradition, reinforcing the spirit of giving back during a time when many are in need.

For more information about how you and your family can participate in this new holiday tradition of giving the gift of life, upcoming blood drives, promotions, donor centers near you, and more visit or call LifeServe at 800.287.4903.


LifeServe Blood Center is a non-profit, community-based blood center that has served the needs of local hospitals and patients in our regions since 1947. As one of the 15 largest blood centers in the country, LifeServe provides blood products to 161 hospitals primarily in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. LifeServe is committed to saving lives by providing premier service to volunteer blood donors and access to a safe, quality blood supply for hospitals and patients. Your donation with LifeServe will help save your neighbor, a friend or family member or a stranger on the street. YOU make a difference in YOUR community. For more information about blood donation or to schedule an appointment to donate blood, call 800.287.4903 or visit