Broadband network debate continues for Commissioners


Representatives from Fastwyre Broadband continued the company's request for fiber optic cables in the Carroll area during Tuesday's meeting of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners. 

Fastwyre said the company only has enough funds to dig at four feet, however, the county requires eight feet under culverts or at least six feet a certain amount of space away from the road. 

Out of concern the fiber optic cables will wash up in storms or cause problems for future road projects, the Commissioners tabled a decision until their next meeting. 

Fastwyre intends to take this time to discuss the county's regulations and come back with an updated proposal.

The fiber optic broadband network, once finalized, plans to bring high-speed internet access to the residences and businesses in the Carroll area. 

Other agenda items considered by the Commissioners include ARPA funds for water mains, bridge bids and the Courthouse window replacement. 

For the ARPA funds, Commissioners approved the application to allocate money to the Village of Carroll for the replacement of every water main. The application requested $400,000, but only a little over $300,000 remains in the fund. The whole of that money was approved for the project.

Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey, presented the board with a $1,453,456 bid from Dixon Construction. The bid was accepted to replace a bridge. Casey also discussed the Plum Creek and Haystack wind turbine repairs and  blades which will start soon.

The Courthouse window replacement project is projected to start in December and finish in May of next year, Jill Brodersen, architect, said. 

From now until December, the company will work on a four month, custom staining process for the woodwork windows. The accepted bid was for $598,333.57 in total. 

The Commissioners then approved three fund transfer resolutions. These included:

Transferring $300,000 from Inhertiance Tax Fund to the General Fund.

Transferring $2,000,000 from General Fund to the County Road/Bridge Fund to fund future projects.

Transferring $12,469.87 to the ARPA fund.

Amy Miller, county attorney, introduced Teri Lamplot, who will begin as a deputy attorney for the county at the start of June. Lamplot, a recent law school graduate, will split her work between Wayne and Thurston Counties. 

The Board also approved the purchase of a new laptop for Lamplot to use for work purposes, since the office does not have an extra one at this time. 

Brandon Peterson, representative from Applied Connective Technologies, gave security updates. 

Peterson said the organization, who services technology security for the county, decided to meet at least twice a year with the board to give updates.

This year so far, the company has successfully combatted 221 phishing attempts, Peterson said.

They will continue to hold simulation training to educate county officials about online safety and security. 

The next meeting of The Wayne County Board of Commissioners will be held on Tuesday, June 6 at 9 a.m. in the Wayne County Courtroom.