Carnes expands media services business to downtown Wayne


Mikey C. Productions has served the Wayne and surrounding communities for just over two decades. Now in early January, Mike Carnes has opened his own storefront at 111 Main Street, moving his business from the confines of his living room and out into downtown Wayne. 

With his new building, Carnes has the space he needs to continue his path of growth. Mikey C. Productions, a media services company as Carnes has called it, encompasses the journalists’ many segments including writing, photography, podcasting and more. These enterprises have expanded to take over his whole house, leading to the realization he needed a “home base” away from home.  

The moment Carnes stepped into his, now, new location, his vision came together. The space includes his front office, a photography studio and podcasting room, fitted with necessary equipment.  

Carnes began his journalism career working for a number of publications, including the Wayne Herald. Outside of these jobs, he initiated his freelance operations by creating resumes for others. Then, throughout the early 2000s, he expanded to broadcasting and photography. 

In 2016, Carnes decided to turn his freelance work into his full-time career.  

“I still remember the day I handed in my letter of resignation,” Carnes said. “I went back to my desk, and I said, ‘Oh my God. What have I done?’ I just kind of left it to God and said God will provide.” 

And provide God did, Carnes said. Since embarking on his own path, he has continued to write for The Wayne Herald, The Laurel Advocate, Norfolk Daily News, The Dakota Star and more. He also publishes Wayne area news on his website 

Outside of writing, Carnes has become a successful photographer, saying he especially loves to photograph sports. Many of his photos go on his website, where parents and athletes can purchase them. 

In the world of podcasting, he often airs news podcasts where he interviews a person with a tie to the Wayne community.  

The new building offers not only a space for Carnes to continue his business, but also help others grow and expand their skills. Anyone in the area who wishes to try out photography, videography or podcasting, but does not have the equipment or space, may reach out for an agreement to utilize the space. Eventually, Mikey C. Productions plans to take in interns from both Wayne State College and Wayne High School.  

“That’s how I got started,” Carnes said. “I was in high school, and the local paper saw I had passion for sports and that I was a good writer. They had given me an opportunity and I’d love to be able to be that person for someone else.” 

Carnes attributes his success to the Wayne community, saying he has chosen to keep his home and business here because of the immense support he has received. 

"This is a fantastic community to be a part of,” Carnes said. “I wouldn't give up small town life for nothing and this town is just the best I’ve lived in. Not one competes.”  

To contact Carnes for any of his offered services or to create content, email