Commissioners approve grant applications, award bids


By Aubreanna Miller


A short Commissioner's meeting Tuesday featured the approval of eight grant applications and two bids for the electric and heating for the District Two shop.

Nic Kemnitz, the county's emergency manager, had plans to give updates at the start of the meeting, but had to leave early due to Tuesday morning's storm.

Instead, Highway Superintendent Kyle Huff initiated the meeting's agenda with accepting and awarding bids for the District Two shop. Those bids went to Zach Heating for $10,185.91 and Beiermann Electric for $25,250.00 for heating and electric work, respectively. The total amounts to $35,435.91 for the project.

Huff continued with updates for the Wavy Bridge project and an upcoming house move scheduled for April 23 at 10 a.m., weather permitting.

Architect Jill Broderson, who headed the courthouse's window replacement project, said she is looking into blinds for all offices and will hopefully bring samples to an upcoming meeting.

The meeting ended with the approval of several Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau Committee Lodging Tax Grant Applications. These included:

$500 for the Wakefield Party on June 1, sponsored by Wakefield Progressive.

$375 for the Wakefield Market on June 1, July 20 Sept. 28 and Dec. 7, sponsored by Wakefield Progressive and the Little Red Hen Theatre

$2,000 for Cruise Main in Wayne on third Friday of May through September

$1,000 for Gene Topp Memorial Car Show on June 16 in Winside

$2,250 for Hoskins Q125 Celebration June 28 - 30.

$1,000 for Boomerfest on April 18 in Wayne.

$750 for Humanities Nebraska Speaker Sue McClain June 1, sponsored by the Wayne County Museum and Historical Society

$2,250 for Winside Old Settlers on June 14 - 16, sponsored by Winside PRIDE.

The board disapproved one item- a grant for the Wayne County Museum Rack Cards sponsored by the Wayne County Museum/ Historical Society.

The next meeting of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners will take place on Tuesday, May 7 at 9 a.m.