Commissioners update personnel policies


By Aubreanna Miller

For the Herald


During Tuesday's almost three-hour meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners, the board spent a considerable amount of time discussing personnel policies. 

The Personnel Policy for Wayne County officials has not had an update since 2012, said County Clerk Deb Finn. Combing through the first three chapters of the policy with the Commissioners included Wayne County Sheriff Jason Dwinnell, Deputy County Attorney Teri Lamplot and Tarrin Quinn and Cally Blake from the clerk’s office. 

Finn said the group hopes to finalize the draft by the end of this year. Since it has not had an update in more than 10 years, each chapter needs looked through carefully for necessary amendments. Following the discussion, the Commissioners planned to hold an executive session to further discuss personnel matters, but they tabled this discussion for their next meeting. 

Also during the meeting, former Clerk of District Court Deb Allemann-Dannelly said goodbye, thanking Wayne County for the people she met and all she experienced during her more than 20 years of service. Allemann-Dannelly set her retirement date for Sept. 8. 

County Treasurer Lisa Lindsay asked the board to strike one of 11 unpaid distress warrants, to which they agreed. As of August, Lindsay had counted 30 distress warrants with 19 of those already paid. The one the board decided to strike was $12.57 for Ballard-Ameriprise Financial, a company that has not operated in Wayne County since before 2018. 

The distress warrant will not fully go away, but Wayne County will not use resources to pursue payment at this time, Lindsay said. 

Highway Superintendent Mark Casey said he and his crew will inspect 60 to 70 bridges throughout the month of September and the beginning of October. 

The Commissioners then tabled the approval of the 2023 Local Emergency Operations Plan after Emergency Manager, Nic Kemnitz asked for more time to go over the plan. He said he wishes to work with Teri Lamplot, deputy county attorney, to ensure the plan fully supports Wayne County and correctly utilizes local resources. 

From the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO), Beth Ferrell provided the Board with updates on legislation. Ferrell said NACO sends representatives to each county in the state so county officials can ask any questions they may have. On Jan. 3, the 60-day legislative session will begin for 2024. 

For the 2022-23 and 2023-24 fiscal years, the board approved county official personal property inventories, setting the minimum rate at $300. 

The Wayne County Commissioners will meet again on Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 9 a.m.