Courthouse windows, bid updates on Commissioner agenda


By Aubreanna Miller


The Wayne County Commissioners heard updates from the new highway superintendent and discussed the courthouse window replacement project during their short meeting on Feb. 7.

Kyle Huff, who recently began his duties as Wayne County highway superintendent, had a list of topics to present to the board. He began with scheduling the one and six year road hearing. That will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 9:45 a.m.

Huff then detailed the Wavy bridge, Wilke bridge and Beiermann CBC projects. For the Wilke bridge, The Wayne Herald recently published a notice for bids which will run for three weeks. The bid opening has been set for Tuesday, March 5.

Ending Huff's report, three structures in the area were listed on the special fracture critical inspection list for 2024. Huff will work with Mainelli Wagner on those inspections.

Next on the agenda, Architect Jill Broderson reported on the courthouse window replacement project. Broderson presented a sample showing the trim for the windows and discussed the estimated timeline.

She said the company is currently working on staining and finishing up final touches on the windows and will ship them soon. Installation will occur at the end of February or in early March, she explained.

The contractor will coordinate with each office to take out the old windows and add in the new ones without greatly disrupting office duties. They will also work with Pat Brentlinger, maintenance, to avoid ruining the grass with machinery through the process.

Broderson also discussed adding blinds, but said she would need to do more research on the best kinds for the office spaces.

From Wayne Radio Works, Mick Kemp requested $3,464.48 in ARPA funds for the station to purchase an ice bridge, which would protect their generator from falling ice from the tower and wires.

Previously, the radio station received ARPA funds from the county to purchase the new propane model generator. This now serves as a back-up system if the power would go out. Kemp thanked the commissioners for the previous allocation stating the radio gives pertinent information to area communities in the event of an emergency. With the generator, they can continue to do so.

As for the ARPA funds, the Commissioners explained all funds have been allocated for the time being and they could not give more money toward the radio station project at this time.

Dean Burbach, the commissioner for District 2, stated he is looking to replace a truck and trailer. He plans to purchase either a Peterbilt, Kenworth or International model and obtain a new gravel trailer. This purchase will replace his 1993 Mack.

The meeting concluded with the transfer of $2 million from the County General Fund to the County Road Fund.

The next meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners will take place on Feb. 20 at 9 a.m.