Discussing Christmas letters, athletes


I hurried to the grocery store this morning when I heard the weather forecast. And, I wasn't the only one!  By 3 p.m. this afternoon, the temperature had dropped and the precipitation was getting icy. Just watching the weather guy on the tube makes me shudder!!  

When I read about Chadron having two feet of snow, and blizzard conditions all week so that after a road was opened, it blew shut again, I told myself at least nobody was having baby calves in it! Right? 

But one hardy gal said they were carrying five gallon buckets of water to the livestock! The Big Farmer had a stock description of a “good farm wife.” She needed to be able to carry two of those, full, across a muddy yard. Little did I know he was serious about that!! 

I always enjoy the end of David Muir this time of year, when he turns our attention to gift ideas that are “Made in America!” He starts with Christmas tree farms; today, he was touting jams and candies. I always do my duty in that category by calling Sehnert's Bierock Cafe in McCook and ordering my stollen.  It is so good!  If you order two or three loaves, there is only one shipping charge.  

I'm trimming my Christmas letter list this year. If I get a card with just a signature, and no news or photo, it's off!  There is one gal here in Lincoln, for instance, with whom I worked when I started at Tabitha in 1991. Every year, I get a lovely card, signed, “Merry Christmas, with her name.” I'm not sending any more mail her way. She is going to have to call me.  

Several long-time friends have called to say they are not mailing anything, but calling instead. I think that's a very good idea. Another one sends an email.  I realize they are old fashioned, with all the other kinds of communication tools, but I like it. And I usually print it and save it to reread.  

The CHI Center was rocking on Saturday! It was obvious for whom the Huskers were rooting, but it was not to be. The Longhorns were just unstoppable. I thought it was ironic that the match point in the third set was an Ace served by a former Nebraska player from Hawaii. I haven't forgiven her or her pal for transferring.

I read today there are 9,000 athletes in the transfer portals right now! How can a coach put a team together? John Cook had one of those this season. I don't think there are many on the women's basketball team, either. Plus, the two “homegrown” gals are having a great sophomore season. 

The two Aussie players are no slouches, and it's good to see Sam Haiby back.  

I was blown away by Pierce being named by MaxPreps “The Best Small Town Football Team in the Nation” and I'm enjoying seeing Jordan Janssen get all those double doubles for Wayne State. It doesn't seem that long ago we were watching his Dad do the same thing at Wesleyan. His Grandma, who is a friend at church, even subscribes to Ye Olde Wayne Herald so she can read about him. You may see her on the bleachers at Rice for home games, too; she's a true fan. 

Well, I've filled a page with mostly opinions and I have just room to wish you all a blessed Christmas.  Stay warm, and safe, and think of the Ukrainians without power in very cold weather.  They continue to “keep calm and carry on” and I continue to admire them, and pray for it all to end!