Great Dane honors employees who have served in the military


In honor of 2020 Veterans Day, Great Dane in Wayne took a few moments to salute their Veterans employees.

“Veterans are such an important part of America and our Great Dane family, we wanted to do something to show our gratitude,” Tony Wiese, Plant Manager, said.

Great Dane had their veterans pose, socially distanced, in front of a specially decaled Everest Super Seal trailer ordered by Kam-Way Transportation and built right here in Wayne America. 

When asked why Kam-Way Transportation chose the decals for these trailers, Founder/CEO Kam Sihota said, “Kam-Way has a strong belief in giving back to the community and trying to do good.  We have chosen to show our support through doing things like showing support to veterans/military, our hard working truck drivers and lastly we are involved in a program with Washington State Patrol in a program called Homeward bound that feature’s missing children on our trailers to help find those missing children.”

These beautiful trailers will honor our Veterans throughout the state of Washington and on the highways across the United States for years to come.

“Great Dane is extremely proud to build these beautiful trailers for Kam-Way,” added Wiese. “While not all of our employee veterans were available for the picture, Great Dane is honored and blessed to have so many Veterans working here. Their dedication and work ethic are second to none. I would like to sincerely thank not only the Great Dane employee veterans but all veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice”. 

The trailers are parked on the north and east edge of the Great Dane property in Wayne and will be there until Kam-Way comes to pick them up. The public is welcome to drive by and view these beautiful trailers.