Memory Lane: Feb. 8, 1994


From the February 8, 1994 edition of The Wayne Herald 

'Unsung Hero' declines the recognition

Nursing homes and neighbors are the beneficiaries of good deeds by this month's Unsung Hero, Ray Petersen. In fact, this interview had to be scheduled around Petersen's snow removal duties. Petersen, who has more than once declined any recognition for his deeds, goes about his neighborhood on Walnut Street taking care of various chores for several elderly neighbors. A retired Wayne County Public Power employee,
Petersen said, "I don't have any hobbies and I need the exercise and fresh air. I have a snow blower and it doesn't take that long."
The person who nominated Petersen listed numerous activities that he has done without asking for money or recognition. These include snow removal, cutting down a neighbor's fallen apple tree, watching over a vacant house in the neighborhood and taking a neighbor for cancer treatments.

While Petersen claims to have no hobby, he uses his talents as an accordion player to provide music to numerous nursing homes and care centers in the area. He regularly plays at seven or eight places throughout the month and did admit to having three "jobs" for Valentine's Day.