Nebraska Extension cares for kids


Access to quality early childhood education is a game changer for children, families and communities. 

But, Nebraska is at risk of falling behind. Families struggle to find child care, as 91% of communities with licensed child care programs do not have enough space to meet the demand. Making this challenge even harder for families and communities, early educators are leaving the profession at an alarming rate. Skilled early childhood teachers are critical to quality learning—and a thriving future—for Nebraska’s children. It’s up to us to make sure they are appreciated, supported, and recruited to serve our children, families, and state. 

The goal of We Care for Kids is to build support for quality early childhood education in Nebraska – helping every Nebraskan understand that this issue impacts them. We Care for Kids provides cohesion amongst Nebraska’s networks that support early childhood and amplifies our collective efforts. Nebraska Extension is a critical campaign partner, helping the campaign reach thousands of Nebraskans in just a few short months by supporting a variety of outreach efforts and being “boots on the ground,” sharing information with communities across the state from Scottsbluff to Omaha. 

Together we can:

•Raise up the stories and experiences of early childhood educators to clearly make the case for quality early childhood education in Nebraska. 

•Direct families to resources and empower them to advocate for quality early childhood education for all the children in their community. 

•Collaborate, provide resources, and strengthen existing networks that are already on the ground in support of early childhood education. 

November 1 marked the first monthly We Care for Kids Day, with regular celebrations recognizing the importance of quality early childhood education in Nebraska. Each month has a slightly different focus to emphasize that all members of our communities can support early childhood education.

Starting in November, we give extra thanks to early childhood educators who wake up every day to provide quality education to our youngest Nebraskans. Help us thank early childhood educators by using a customizable thank you template. The template along with more information about We Care for Kids can be found at 

The Early Childhood team of Nebraska Extension supports adults who play a role in young children’s lives by providing information and resources about early child development.  

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