Nebraskans celebrate celestial spectacle at Stargazing Eclipse Party


Over 180 stargazers from all around northeast Nebraska gathered at Dreamers Place Equestrian Ranch on April 8 for an eclipse party hosted by the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network.

The event offered attendees a unique opportunity to witness the celestial phenomenon while enjoying an afternoon of community, lunch, and a chance to meet the ranch’s animals.

The clouds did not cooperate but for a few minutes, guests were able to safely observe the partial eclipse, which shrouded a portion of the sun for several hours.

The Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network, a state organization dedicated to supporting families of individuals with disabilities, provided a festive atmosphere for the event. Dreamers Place provided the perfect accessible venue for people of all ages and abilities.

"The eclipse party was a wonderful way to bring our community together and celebrate the wonders of science," said Melanie Loggins, the coordinator for the northern region of the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network. "We were thrilled to see so many people come out and enjoy the event."

The event's success highlights Nebraska's vibrant community and the enduring popularity of stargazing experiences. For more information about the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network, contact Ms, Loggins at, and to find out more about Dreamers Place Equestrian Ranch, visit