PMC CEO says time to act is now


As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise in our community, I am deeply troubled as to what the future may bring unless we take action very soon.

Providence Medical Center is vital to this community; however, the impacts of this pandemic are putting both our healthcare workers and our patients at risk. 

Our hospital staff is currently being stretched and pushed to the limit;
the COVID-19 surge is upon us and everyone at our facility is greatly concerned. We have a loyal and dedicated team of men and women working here, but for a variety of reasons, they are getting taxed, both mentally and physically. Working in full personal protective equipment is not easy and can be extremely draining for our health care workers; however, it is necessary to protect their own health so that they can continue to care for our patients.

I’m also very concerned about our availability to manage patients, whether they have contracted COVID-19 or not. We have a limited supply of beds and resources and if the numbers don’t slow down, we’ll be faced with extremely difficult decisions in terms of who gets needed care and who may have to wait. 

So, what’s next? It’s actually very simple.

Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, maintain six feet of social distance and avoid the 3 Cs (crowded places, close contacts and confined spaces). These preventative measures are important and can significantly curb the spread.
With the holidays fast approaching, it’s even more important to do your part. By taking preventative actions now, we can protect our family and friends from this deadly virus.

I implore you to help us put an end to COVID-19 in Nebraska.




Jim Frank
Providence Medical Center