T&H Meat Co. and Fine Spirits fills niche in Laurel while working with other businesses


Something different— and a little out of the ordinary — can be expected the moment the doors open to T&H Meat Co. and Fine Spirits in Laurel.

If you aren't impressed by the hundreds of spirits or 60+ types of wine carried there, the 2" thick pork chops should do the trick. Or maybe you're more of a T-Bone steak kind of person? Not a problem at T&H.

Staffed with a full time meat processor, T&H offers dozens of popular cuts of meat each day, but that doesn't mean what you see is what you get.

"If you don't see it in there, just ask," owner Scott Taylor said of the display case. "Our guy Ron will cut it for you right here."

Every cut of beef offered by T&H Meat Co. is certified Angus beef and they also offer  Heritage Berkshire Pork, a type of pork that is similar to what a person could get in the "old-school days" Taylor said, where the pork is actually marbled with fat, making it a juicier, more flavorful meat.

"We carry the highest quality with everything we have and a lot of it comes right out of Omaha which means it's all beef raised right in Northeast Nebraska," Taylor said. "The pork that we get is all raised right around here."

T&H doesn't purchase full hogs or sides of beef, but quarters and finishes processing the meat into cuts themselves, ensuring the freshest, highest quality cuts are available for purchasing.

"It's a major bonus to have when the farmers know that their grain is going to feed this livestock, that they're raising this in Nebraska and that we're selling it right here," said Taylor.

With people being more mindful of what they put in their bodies and where that comes from, to be able to tout the small circle T&H Meat Co. has with their products is something not many can do.

"That's something we take pride in. People want to have good quality meat."

But what happens if a cut doesn't get picked in a day or two?

It's not wasted, that's for certain.

Where a grocery store wouldn't normally carry specialized cuts like this due to the possibility of it not selling, T&H doesn't have that problem.

Between Taylor's other businesses Knuckleheadz Bar, the Claramont Steak and Chophouse and Smokin' T's Catering, the meat is able to be used, rather than tossed.

"The businesses really work hand-in-hand," Taylor said. "But it benefits the people too. If people ever go, 'Gee, I wonder what those steaks are like,' well go down to the steakhouse to see."

And after you've finished your steak at the Claramont you can make your way back to T&H to pick up the steaks you want along with the wine you tried with your meal.

Having a selection of over 60 wines, including several Nebraska wines, the Fine Spirits side of T&H doesn't disappoint.

Having coolers with dozens of options, as well as a beer cave that keeps libations ice-cold, there is something for everyone.

And nothing pairs with with a great steak quite like a cold drink.