The Farmer's Wife: Counting my blessings every day


I can assure you I'm not trying to become a bionic woman; but now, I have my left arm in a sling after having a reverse shoulder replacement a couple of weeks ago.  

Again, x-rays showed no cartilage and the surgeon told Kay it was “icky”. Not sure what he meant by that, but take it to say arthritis strikes again!

This procedure requires five weeks in the sling and no PT until after that; when, hopefully, there is no pain. Actually, I can report minimal pain now. But it's a trick to get dressed; I'm using my reacher a lot.

I only watch TV news once a day; 30 minute of local, and 30 minutes of national. It's all I can take.  But then, I read the World Herald every morning. But reading it and seeing it are two different things.

Like all Nebraskans, I was disappointed last Saturday, too. But in the total scheme of things, a football game is so minor. After watching the disastrous evacuation at Kabul, the flooding in Tennessee, the hurricane across Louisiana, the COVID hospitalizations, and the continuing wildfires, I feel very blessed. And wish I could help somehow.

I'm guessing my nursing skills are truly outdated and I would only be in the way in an ICU, but I do know how to put on personal protective equipment, and I'm very good at holding hands. My heart aches for those tired, burned out health care folks.

A bright spot in last weekend was a visit by two Alpha Gamma Sigma brothers of Mike's. They were in town for the dedication of the new house on East campus. If you have driven by on Holdrege lately, you could see the fancy new digs for Farm House and Alpha Gamma Rho. So, AGS had to keep up. Shoot, I'm old enough to remember helping to build the house they just vacated.

But one has to keep up, I'm told, and one of the brothers spear headed a renovation of an existing building on the north side of the campus, and from the outside, it looks pretty nice.

What surprised me was how many of Mike's peers simply did not come because of physical difficulties. I guess I should realize we are all getting up there. Again, I am counting my blessings today. And praying for our country, as I do every day.