The Farmer's Wife: Finding an eating spot challenging


I'm not liking the forecast for today and tomorrow; the promise of some rain will bring with it wind and tornadoes!! We have been very fortunate in that category this year.

My heart goes out to the folks in Gosper and Furnas counties; the loss of eight homes, several outbuildings, and livestock will be significant. And losing a fire chief in an awful accident compounds things.  As I've said before, appreciate the volunteer fire departments! This fire has involved some forty or fifty units all weekend.

Since Jaxson missed out on the Friday evening suppers when his siblings and cousins were at the U, we have been involving him in some Sunday evening meals. Last weekend, I decided we needed to take him to Round the Bend. Round the Bend started in a hole in the wall cafe in South Bend that had good steaks. They also have a reputation regarding something called Rocky Mountain oysters.

Their “festival” celebrating such things happens every Father's Day weekend, and it has become so well known, the owners bought a lot high on a hill overlooking South Bend several years ago and built a new, improved restaurant, complete with a huge party room to the back. It's now a destination place to get good steaks, prime rib and the oysters.

They are not open on Sunday, which I personally approve of, so we decided to go on Saturday eve.  Leaving here early, in order to arrive there early, and beat the rush!

Ha! We did not factor in the Spring Game!! 

It seems hundreds of the viewers had the same idea. When we turned east on the park highway, we could see lots of cars. As we got closer, we could also see lots of folks in line outside. LOTS of folks! There apparently was a wedding in the party room, also.

The wait time would be an hour and a half! Well, shoot, we thought, we will just go to Parker's, on highway six west of Ashland.  We had no problem finding a parking place but once inside, we saw LOTS of folks waiting here, also.  

Since there was a couch, I took a seat and we opted to wait. When we were finally seated, we could see many empty booths. The problem?  Not enough wait staff. On a sign announcing hiring needs, it said waiters could make $100 to $300 a night! Oh, and they also need cooks..And for that, $15 an hour. I'm sorry, but I would need a lot more than that to cook in that atmosphere.  

Anyway, we got plenty to eat, it was very tasty, our waitress was a student nurse, and we told Jaxson it was time to get him off the interstate so he could see what else is between Lincoln and Omaha.  

Have a blessed Easter!