The Farmer's Wife: Learning the value of 'vintage' dishes


The wind was just breezy today, thank goodness!! Those gusts of 50 to 60 miles an hour made it difficult to even shut the car doors! It was getting old, and the fires were almost a constant problem. Another volunteer fire chief has died.

I served ham and sweet potatoes for Easter dinner and then had ham and some Russet potatoes that needed to be used in scalloped potatoes and ham yesterday. Now, I have ham and navy bean soup cooking, and I'm planning bread pudding for some rolls that have been sitting in the frig for too long.  

Once in a while, on my cell phone, I receive news and notices that do not show up in the paper or online. Frequently, there has been a picture of a small square Pyrex dish with a caption that says if I have one like this it's worth money. That piqued my interest enough that I went to hear an antique dealer talk about downsizing last week. Yes, Mike was into antiques, but I'm quite sure he never knew anything about Pyrex as a collectible.

Well, it is! The stuff we all got for wedding gifts is now vintage, (not antique) and young housewives are truly collecting the stuff. I could hardly believe my ears. When I got home that afternoon, I got online with Pyrex collecting in the search line and I was blown away. I had been told that turquoise is in high demand, and I have three large bowls that feature turquoise. Each is worth over a hundred bucks, although, as with any collectible, it depends on who wants them.  

There are Pyrex collecting clubs and swap meets, and some homemade videos for how to display them. After all, what's the fun of collecting if  you can't show them off? And a lot of that stuff features nesting bowls, so that when you nest them, it defeats the purpose of collecting, and showing them off.

I discussed this discovery with some high school friends last Saturday, and almost every one had some kind of Pyrex, most received as wedding gifts. Unfortunately, with the advent of dishwashers, a lot of the color and prints have disappeared.  Here's where my luck comes in.

I also received as wedding gifts two separate sets of stainless steel mixing bowls. Since I tend to be a klutz, I usually used these when mixing stuff; like meat loaf, cookies, and the afore mentioned bread pudding. So, my lovely Pyrex bowls were deep in the cupboard. I had Kay get them out on Sunday. I'm ready for the first dealer who gives me a good price.

I wonder what craze will start next  year? I need to cash in on this one before it passes. It's just hard to tell what will be next!