The Farmer's Wife: Ready for spring to arrive


It's Tuesday morning, and overcast and cold. There doesn't seem to be much wind, though, for the first time in weeks. Folks attending Easter sunrise services were told to bring blankets! (They were outdoors.)  

Kay hosted a great brunch on Saturday, complete with mimosas. Three of us watched Church Basement Ladies virtually from the Lied Center.  Some of the fun loses a bit when not seen on stage, I learned. One of the classic lines from that group is: someday, all Lutherans will be AFL-CIO, American Federation of Lutherans Coerced Into One!

Jon and Katie and the twins arrived on Friday and went back to KC on Saturday, to allow the Easter bunny to arrive there on Sunday. When asked how they are, I always respond, very busy!!  

I announced that we need ham and sweet potatoes for Easter, and the two couples in Lincoln showed up for the noon meal. We also had strawberry rhubarb pie, courtesy of the Village Pie Maker. And now, I have left overs for several days, and extra ham for split pea soup.  

I'm on a website called Nextdoor and it's my morning entertainment.  I also learn a lot about local services, as someone is constantly asking for recommendations for: the best pizza, the best cinnamon rolls, locally sourced honey, and repairmen,etc.

Some are much handier with computers than yours truly and post videos of: black squirrels, foxes, eagles, and lost pets.  A lot of posts are those taken with the Ring that goes in the door bells. And we see lots of porch pirates; I can't believe how brazen they are, in broad daylight; often, with easily identifiable cars.  Some seem to be following the Fed Ex or UPS trucks.

We are also hearing about mail taken from mailboxes; sometimes, with checks in them.

Or, along that line, mailboxes knocked over. And, hundreds of catalytic converters have been stolen.  

Just as I get discouraged with all that bad news, someone asks for assistance for persons who have had bad luck, like a house fire, or an illness. And the Good Samaritans pile on! With offers of food, furniture and gas cards. In spite of the bad guys, there are always some good ones who restore my faith.

Happy Spring, if we ever see it!!