The Farmer's Wife: Who is raising these kids?


It started when I read about a CEO of a major company who is no longer hiring Ivy League graduates; his reason? They all have a huge sense of entitlement, and all they worry about is the use of pronouns!!  

Then, a few weeks ago in Omaha, two teenage boys went around a neighborhood at midnight, knocking on  doors and waking people  up, just for fun. An off duty policeman arrested them, may have handled a bit roughly, which I also would have done, and hauled them in..

The kids were under age, so were released to their parents, who complained about the roughness and now, the cop is on leave without pay.  Huh?  I won't elaborate on the way my Dad would have dealt with my brother in that case.  

Finally, the Supremes, SCOTUS, handed down an 8 to 1 verdict in favor of the teenage girl who did not make the varsity cheerleading squad, so got on Facebook and used profanity, the "f" word kind, to call out the school, the squad, and society.

The school punished her, and the parents took it all the way, saying it is a free speech issue, and I'm assuming, paying an attorney to take it on for them. I've been using a lawyer lately, for a completely unrelated reason, and I know what I'm paying per hour. Again, you do not want to know what my Dad would have done to me in the same circumstances.

For that matter, you don't want to know what I would have done to my own kids if they behaved like that! Today, it would be called child abuse. 

I was going out of a parking lot yesterday, at a busy time of day, waiting for the chance to make a right turn; I was at that exit because the other one would have been a left turn. Traffic was heavy, and I was patiently waiting to venture out when the folks behind me leaned on the horn. Five minutes later, they did the same thing as I waited for a left turn signal light.

Why are we so impatient? Why are teens out of the house at all hours? Why can they use this kind of profanity for any situation they perceive as unfair?  And, the 64 dollar question, where are the parents? The ones who do not take a case like the above to the Supreme  Court! I wouldn't hire the kids or the parents!