The future holds "more" for Tacos & More


By Aubreanna Miller


A long-time standing business in Wayne, Tacos & More, has seen a transformation under the new management of Jessie Vermilyea and Jody Denney.

The pair have worked in the food service industry for many years, operating a food truck out of Wakefield called JD squared, after their names. Vermilyea also grew up loving to cook at home, making pre-made meals for others and working as a bartender and waitress at times. When Tacos & More went on the market, they decided moving to a larger operation would be the perfect next step. Since the previous owners, Rick and Sandra Gathje, did not trademark the name, Vermilyea and Denney needed to change the name a bit.

Tacos & More became Hometown Cafe, Tacos & More, and officially re-opened on Dec. 19 last year. The new owners kept much of the original menu but have already implemented some of their own ideas. Vermilyea said their most popular menu items from the food truck included firecracker corn, which is now on the menu of Tacos & More, and apple nachos which they hope to add this summer.

"This restaurant has become a local favorite, so we wanted to keep it mostly the same and still add our own flair," Vermilyea explained.

They have also added extra coolers to sell pre-made meals and desserts. Soon, they will add a larger refrigerator area to hold family-sized pre-made meals and drink bottles.

"So far, we've had very positive feedback," Vermilyea said. "The community has been extremely supportive and encouraging through this process."

Also this year, the new owners reintroduced Sunday meals and have created several special events. Every other week, Tacos & More plans to hold themed trivia nights on Wednesday evenings. Vermilyea said she hopes this draws in the college crowd. Buffets and other events, such as a waffle bar, will also take place some Saturdays, which will be updated on the restaurant's Facebook page.

If local clubs, businesses or families need a party room for events, Tacos & More has those available as well.

Throughout the reopening process, Vermilyea and Denney kept the same staff from the previous owners. This, Vermileya explained has made the transition much easier.

"My staff has been instrumental in the smooth transition," she said. "They know all the recipes by heart and have been supportive since the beginning. This process has been great because of them and I want to thank them for all they have done."