Wayne County 2024 election filing information released


Wayne  County Clerk Debra Finn has released the names of those filing for office for the May 2024 Primary in Wayne County.

The deadline for incumbents to file has passed, as it was Feb. 15.

The deadline for non-incumbents is March 1.

The following is a list of those offices that will have open positions, the number of open seats and those who have filed as of Feb. 15.

Primary Election Filings

County Commissioner, Dist 2 (one position open):

Dean Burbach, Republican, Incumbent;

Dwaine Junck, Republican.

School Board, Dist 17,Wayne (three positions open):

Lynn Junck, Incumbent;

Jaime Manz, Incumbent;

Brendon Pick.

School Board, Dist 95R, Winside (three positions open):

Landon Grothe, Incumbent;

Zachary Brokaw;

Diane Frederick, Incumbent.

Wayne Airport Authority (two positions open):

Scott Hammer, Incumbent;

Mark Putnam, Incumbent.

Wayne City Council, Ward 1 (one position open):

Wayne City Council, Ward 2 (one position open):

Austyn Houser, Incumbent;

Wayne City Council, Ward 3 (one position open):

Brittany Webber, Incumbent.

Wayne City Council, Ward 4 (one position open):

Dwaine Spieker.

Delegates to County Convention

Daniel P. Backer;

Dean E. Burbach;

Julie A. Claybaugh;

William J. Claybaugh;

Debra J. Dickey;

William D. Dickey;

Breland W. Ridenour;

Jennifer L. Ridenour;

George Phelps;

Eleanor Liekhus;

Delores Boeckenhauer;

David Bloomfield;

Beverly Neel;

Robert Neel.

All are registered Republicans.