Wayne showcases 12 new sculptures this summer


Walk, the Public Art Committee, in collaboration with the Wayne Area Economic Development, has funded the installment of 12 sculptures. 

These sculptures have found homes in a walkable route, making it easy to make a day of visiting each piece. 

Not only adding culture and curb appeal to the community, the sculptures also bring in tourism.

People from across the country have stopped by Wayne to view the sculptures, checking off a stop on the Best of Northeast Nebraska Backroads Tour. 

Soon, visitors will have the chance to listen to descriptions of each piece from the artists themselves through the app Otocast. 

The app, found on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, gives important information behind each detail and offers a more immersive experience.

The 12 new sculptures are named "Parent & Child," "Faces," "Saturday's Distractions," "Conscience," "Summer Dreams," "AC-PC," "The Feather," "Crossroads," "Cube Farmer," "Blooming Yellow Tulip," "Gravitation No. 2" and "Three Dimensional Sun." 

The first of these, "Parent & Child," resides at the corner of West 1st Street and Main Street, right next to Godfather's Pizza.

Created by Albert Rhea from Omaha, out of 14-gauge stainless steel, the piece depicts the powerful relationship between parents and their children. 

Specifically, Rhea wishes to showcase the power of persuasion that a child holds over their parent. 

This sculpture acts as just one aspect of a six part series of outdoor works from the artist. 

The emotions of wanting, needing and loving shine through in this series.

In the last three years, Rhea has produced three large scale parent and child sculptures for public display. 

As a grandparent and nanny to a five year old, the parent and child theme holds a special meaning to him. 

Through this sculpture, Rhea hopes to create a timeless homage to this special bond. 

"This work makes a powerful statement about the unconditional love a mother and her child share," Rhea said. "I hope this sculpture of a mother with her child depicts the intimate connection they share."

In the future, the Public Art Committee hopes to continue its introduction of art into the community. 

A few years ago, this committee began with the installment of a mural on the side of the Majestic Theater. 

They encourage and invite new ideas for bringing art and culture to Wayne, seeing its many benefits.

"Art is meant to inspire other art and conversations," Irene Mock Assistant Director of the Wayne Area Economic Development said. "It truly has done just that through a community effort."


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