2016 ELECTION – Early results coming in


Election results from the May 10 Nebraska primary are in, and Wayne’s City Council Ward Two race has been pared down to two contestants.

Incumbent Jennifer Sievers had 100 votes to advance to the Nov. 8 general election, while Reed Allen also advanced with 85 votes. Josie Broders was third with 26 votes.

Donald Trump carried more than half of the votes among Wayne County Republicans, while Hillary Clinton had a 6-percent edge over Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ledger. Gary Johnson had more than half of the Libertarian votes cast for their party's nominee for President.

In the District 17 Legislative race, Wayne County voters gave Joni Albrecht a better than 3-to-1 advantage over Ardel Bengston as those two appear to be headed toward the Nov. 8 general election. Local businessman Louis Benscoter was a distant third.

The eight-man field in the Winside School Board race was pared down to six. Incumbent Carmie Marotz was the top vote-getter, receiving almost 20 percent (162) of the votes cast. Also advancing to the Nov. 8 election in that race are Ryan Brogren (137), John Thies (123), Scott Watters (100), Amber Bargstadt (93) and Doug Deck (89). Marotz and Thies are incumbents on the current school board.

Of the 5,122 registered voters in Wayne County, 34.83 percent cast ballots in the primary.

Dixon County results can be found here. Cedar County vote totals were delayed due to an unexpected malfunction in the machine that counts the ballots. The problem was fixed and votes were reported around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. Cedar County results can be found here.

Unofficial vote totals from the Wayne County Courthouse are as follows:


Donald J. Trump    706
Ted Cruz    244
John R. Kasich    149
Marco Rubio    78
Ben Carson    73
Write-In    27
Congress District 3
Adrian Smith    1180
Write-In    8
Public Service Comm, Dist 4
Rod Johnson    599
Tammy Cheatum    320
Dakota Delka    104
Write-In.    2

Hillary Clinton    185
Bernie Sanders    162
Write-In    4
Congress District 3
Write-In    26
Public Service Comm, Dist 4
Write-In    18


Gary Johnson    4
John McAfee    2
Write-In    1
Steve Kerbel    0
Austin Petersen    0
Marc Feldman    0
Congress District 3
Write-In    3
Public Service Comm, Dist 4
Write-In    3

Legislature District 17

Joni Albrecht    1228
Ardel Bengtson    356
Louis E. Benscoter    146
Write-In    4
State Bd of Education, Dist 3
Rachel Wise    1366
Write-In    16
Wayne City Council, Ward 2
Jennifer M. Sievers    100
Reed Allen    85
Josie Broders    26
Write-In    0
Randolph School District 45
Jim Scott    11
Lisa Linville    11
Cody Backer    9
James Munter    7
Britni S. Nordhues    6
Denise Gubbels    5
Anthony Shearer    5
Write-In    0
LCC School District 54
Carol Erwin    3
Samuel Recob    3
Richard Brandow    2
Dustin Thompson    2
Ryan Kvols    2
Bruce Haisch    1
Julie Kvols    1
Tyler Specht    1
Johnny Lempke    1
Write-In    0
Wakefield School District 560
Shannon Johnson    79
Mark R. Victor    67
Arianne M. Conley    53
Terry J. Borg    50
James D. Rusk    38
Daniel Nuno    35
Peter E. Lundin    34
Write-In    0
Winside School District 95R
Carmie Marotz    162
Ryan Brogren    137
John Thies    123
Scott Watters    100
Amber Bargstadt    93
Doug Deck    89
Cory Russell    77
Karen Kruger    38
Write-In    0
Pender Comm Hospital Dist
Mike Minert    10
Penny E. Bruns    16
Write-In    0
Wisner Rural Fire Override
Yes    1
No    4