Council debates sewer bill, property re-plat


Considerable discussion on several agenda items resulted in a lengthy meeting for the Wayne City Council on Tuesday.

Among those items was whether or not to adjust the sewer rate charge for Patty Wieland.

Wieland told the council that a water faucet on the outside of her house was turned on, by what she believes were vandals in the neighborhood. This resulted in a much higher water usage and, because sewer rates are determined by water usage in the months of November, December and January, a higher sewer bill. The sewer rate changes every year, based on this usage.

Wieland asked the council to have her rates go back to what she has been historically paying and provided a detailed list of the usage for her property for a number of years. She also said that she has paid three of the bills already and "isn't asking for forgiveness of what I have already paid, only an adjustment going forward."

The amount involved is approximately $200.

Council members debated whether or not this would set a precedent going forward and what a property owner's responsibility is in regard to checking on this type of situation.

"This type of thing is really difficult. If we approve this request, what else will be brought before us?" said Council member Jason Karsky.

The council has had three water/sewer issues come before them in the last several months and council members noted "each of them have been different."

After going back and forth for some time, the council voted unanimously in favor of granting the return to the rate based on last year's consumption.

Council members also considered a replat request for a piece of property known as the Savidge Court Administrative Replat in Western Ridge.

Lucas Thompson requested the change to allow the property be changed from three lots to four lots to allow him to build two duplexes on the property.

During the public hearing portion of the meeting, City Planner Joel Hansen told the council the item had been brought before the Planning Commission and had received unanimous approval. He said the parcel had originally been divided into four lots, but due to construction on adjacent properties, had been changed to three lots. He also noted that making it four lots would clear up some issues with the property.

Thompson was at the meeting and showed council members his plans for the area, which includes building four, 1,500 square foot units. These would each have four bedrooms, for a total of 16 bedrooms and will be rental units.

Alex Wieland, who lives in the area under consideration, voiced his concerns with having the duplexes in the neighborhood and the possibility of having 16 cars parked in the area.

"There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood and you can't park in the cul de sac," Alex said.

Following the public hearing, the council voted 5-2 to allow for the replat. Council members Terri Buck, Yasuko Taoka, Jason Karsky, Nick Muir and Jill Brodersen voted in favor, while council members Chris Woehler and Dwaine Spieker voted against.

Two requests for easements were granted to Allo Communications LLC for properties owned by the city. One of these is located off Fourth Street in what is known as "the old Girl Scout Cabin" property and one is located near Viken Park.

A bid for $25,426.51 was awarded to Nosweet Fencing & Decks of Columbus for the Lagoon Fence Project.

Also during Tuesday's meeting, approval was given on the application of Logan Miller to the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department's Cadet program.

Logan will be a junior at Wayne High School. Her father is currently a member of the department. She is the fifth cadet currently on the department.

Council members also spent some time discussing the issue of food trucks parked on city streets or on public property.

No action was taken as council directed city staff to look into how other communities handle the issue.

The council will hold a mini retreat on Tuesday, June 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wayne Fire Hall.