COVID-19 variant found in health district


Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department (NNPHD) was notified that the Delta COVID-19 Variant has been identified as having infected someone living in the NNPHD Health District. 

The Delta Variant is the newest variant in a long list of variants that have developed due to mutations occurring in the COVID-19 virus. The Delta Variant has been classified by CDC as a “Variant of Concern” due to its ability to more easily spread, because it has shown some resistance to some COVID-19 treatments and an increased ability for illness even after being fully vaccinated.

While the Delta Variant was identified as originating in India, it is important to note that the NNPHD case is not travel related.

NNNPHD Health Director, Julie Rother, stresses, “It is extremely important not to let your guard down. This virus will continue to be present in our communities and will continue to cause illness and death. Although the number of cases has significantly decreased, using the tools we have to limit the spread of the virus in order to prevent the development of new and more concerning variants is our main goal right now.

"The best tool we have to limit the spread of the virus and prevent future variants from developing is through vaccination. Other effective ways to limit the spread include wearing a face mask, keeping a 6-foot distance from others, and washing your hands well and often. It is also very important that people continue to stay home and away from others if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms and get tested. There are many reasons, specifically new variants, that warn us that we need to continue to do what we know works to slow the spread and protect our communities and our loved ones," Rother said.

For more information on COVID-19 visit, or Anyone needing any accommodations for testing or vaccination is asked to contact NNPHD at or call 800-375-2260 or 402-375-2200.