Eighth sculpture finds new home in Wayne


The eighth sculpture in this series is called "Borbor 7" and was created by Will Vannerson.

It is made out of galvanized steel and can be found outside of the Wayne Public Library.

Vannerson is from Kansas City, Missouri. He is a metal sculptor, public artist, amateur luthier and self-identified ‘bicycle traffic.’

His studio practice is characterized by the cultivation of incrementally developing organic forms. 

By slowly transforming sheet metal into sculptures, he reveals his affinity for softness and growing things.

Vannerson has been awarded residencies nationally and internationally, and was a guest artist at an international sculpture symposium in China in 2019. 

He is currently showing his outdoor work in cities across the country.

Vannerson has participated in many different art exhibits across the United States but mainly in the midwest. 

He has also been showcased in different countries such as China, Norway and Armenia.