Final installment in the Sculpture Walk


The final part in the Wayne Sculpture Walk series is a piece called "Artifact" created by Vernon Willits.

This sculpture is made of steel and is located outside of Verizon. Willits is from Camanche, Iowa.

The welding technique he uses to create most of his work is a skill Willits began learning at age 10 from his father who worked in a welding shop.

He taught Willits everything, from the characteristics of materials such as steel, cast iron and aluminum to the various welding techniques; arc, TIG, MIG, torch, etc.

In 1983 Willits produced and installed his first major public sculpture. Since that time he has continued to make things both large and small. Yearly, Willits participates in numerous exhibitions and produces commissioned work across the United States, Canada and Europe.

He has taken part in many exhibits in the Midwest and has also won many awards and grants for his work.

Willits lives and works, happily, on the banks of the Mississippi River. He says the things that he makes are integral parts of who Willits is and the objects that he makes contain strands of his identity. Making art is an integral part of Willits' life experience.