Fire department dalmatian goes missing


One of the dalmatian puppies that has stood guard at the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department was stolen from its place near the flagpole in the east plaza of the fire station.
Wayne Fire Chief Phil Monahan told The Wayne Herald Monday afternoon that one of the two pups that stood next to the adult dalmatian statue that has been at the fire station for a number of years was taken over the weekend.
"Whoever took it, obviously, needed the dog more than we did," Monahan said, expressing his disappointment that the dog was stolen.
The dogs are of a special value, not only to the fire department, but to the community as well. They were a symbol of the community's surviving the Oct. 4, 2013 tornado, as the dogs' presence kept the fire department's American flag from touching the ground. An image of the dogs keeping the flag off the ground was memorialized with T-shirts that were printed as a fundraiser to help community rebuilding efforts after the 2013 tornado.
Monahan said the value of the dalmatian puppy was estimated at around $100. Anyone who knows of its whereabouts are asked to contact the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department at (402) 369-1712 or the Wayne Police Department at (402) 375-2626.