Love is in the air?


February is finally here, after what seems like a never-ending January. 

Many of us are looking forward to Valentine’s Day as we think about people or things we love. Have you ever thought about loving nature?

We are lucky to live in a rural environment where nature is all around us, but many people live in concrete jungles where it is a bit more challenging to find a green space. Either way, it is important to find something to love about nature in order to have the desire to conserve it for current and future generations.  So, what are some things to love about nature?

Even if you don’t care for critters or plants, there are plenty of things to love. 

1. Nature gives us fresh air! We are fortunate to have cleaner air in rural Nebraska without the pollutants of factories or heavy traffic.  Step outside and take a few breaths!

2. Nature helps you unwind.  With the ever-growing demand of our TV, phone, or computer screens, it’s important to maintain a connection to nature to help give our eyes and minds a break from technology.

3. Nature is healthy! Taking short walks outdoors can help improve heart and lung functions, strengthen bones and muscles, and reduce risk of strokes and heart disease. Who doesn’t love that?

These are just a few things to love about nature. What else can you think of? 

Do you love watching your children run and play outside? Do you love it when your dog gets the zoomies just from being out in the fresh air?

There is always something to appreciate about nature, so step outside and try to find one thing that makes you fall in love with the outdoors.