Memory Lane - August 3, 1961


From the August 3, 1961 edition of The Wayne Herald:

Championship Reader
Robert Longwell (center) with Librarian Bonnadell Fredrickson. Other winners in the
summer reading club were Tom McDermott (left) who placed second; Susan Jo Berry,
Randolph, who placed fourth, and Rose Ann Templemeyer (not pictured) who placed third.
Longwell read 92 books during the seven-week period. He is from Galesville, Wisconsin
and is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole G. Nelson.
A total of 63 children were enrolled in the club. Other awards included nine blue ribbons
to those reading 40 or more books, 13 red ribbons to those reading 17-39 books, and 13
white ribbons for 8-16 books.