Memory Lane: Sept. 28, 1993


From the September 28, 1993 edition of The Wayne Herald

Wayne FRIENDs has something to proclaim

Nine members of the Wayne FRIENDs drug-free youth group attended the annual proclamation signing with Gov. Nelson Sept. 17 at the Capitol in Lincoln. The annual Proclamation signing was to officially announce October as pledge month across Nebraska and to invite all Nebraskans to sign a drug-free pledge. Governor Nelson said that this generation's eyes "are not dulled by drugs and alcohol but brightened by being drug-free."

Natasha Lipp, freshman, said "The trip was a lot of fun, but the hardest part was having to get up at 5 a.m. just so we could leave at 6:30 a.m.!"

Members that attended were freshmen April Beckenhauer, Jolene Jager, Natasha Lipp, Sarah Metzler and Jeremy Meyer; eighth graders Carla Kemp, Megan McDonald, Mindy McLean, Gayle Olson and Lisa Walton. Joan Sudmann, elementary and middle school counselor, also attended as group sponsor.