Memory Lane: Sept. 4, 1963


From the September 4, 1963 edition of The Wayne Herald

Open house marks new era for Dahl Retirement Center

Completion of an ambitious construction and remodeling program this week will mark the beginning of a new era for the Dahl Retirement Center, Wayne's ultra-modern, privately-owned, non-secretarian nursing home. Clifford Dahl, owner and administrator, stated "This marks the fulfillment of a dream that started many months ago; that of bringing to the people of Wayne, and the surrounding area, a dignified place of retirement that we can call our own, and not controlled by out-of-state interests, which is so often the case with our newer homes."

Guests will be admitted to the new facility starting Monday, Sept. 9.

The bedrooms, a combination of singles and doubles, are equipped with the new type high-low begs, all in Danish-Modern design. The spacious lounge, also in Danish-Modern, has low windows which allow for an excellent view to the south and east. Here, the guests may relax during the day, watch television, enjoy card games or visit with friends and relatives.

Summing up the features of the new unit, Dahl explained "we recognize the need for provisions for the enrichment of life in the retirement years and that it must lead to vigorous action, intelligently directed and taking into consideration every wish and desire of those we serve."