Power Drive team finishes 2024 season on high note


On a beautiful day for racing," the Blue Devils were prepared to display what they have been working toward all year," said Wayne High Power Drive Head Coach Tony Cantrell.

Advanced class car A107, driven by Braden Adams, competed in five events with points being awarded in each event going toward the overall award.  (similar to a track meet)

The car and driver earned the following placings:

Second place in Maneuverability;

First place in Braking;

First place in Design & Construction;

First place in Documentation; and

Second place in the 90 minutes of Endurance where the car completed 104 laps (24 miles).

Enough points were received for the A107 to win the Overall award and win the 2024 Advanced Class Championship.  This is back to back championships for car A107, and the program's 14th Championship.

In other Power Drive results, Exhibition class cars E22, driven by Nina Hammer, and E39, driven by Josh Doring, competed in the endurance rally only. 

"Both cars pushed hard throughout the race being in the top four of all classes of competition," Cantrell said.

Unfortunately E22 had mechanical issues that sent it to the pits twice that put it out of a podium finish. 

E39 completed a late rally pass for a second place finish, locking in Exhibition class Runners Up.

Car E22 earned  the following awards:

Fourth place in Endurance - completed 138 laps (31.74 miles) and Best Paint;

Car E39 earned second place in Endurance - completed 149 laps (34.27 miles).

All of Wayne's cars placed in the top five of all cars in total miles completed this season.

Car A107 was in fifth place with 106.96 total miles;

Car E22 was in third place with 126.88 total miles and

Car E39 was in second place with 130.41 total miles, just 0.25 miles behind the leader.