Second installation appears in Sculpture Walk


The second installation of this series is called "Hydraulic Jump 3" and was created by Kristin Garnant. The sculpture is made of steel tubing and is located outside of Godfather's Pizza. Garnant is from Camanche, Iowa and graduated from three different colleges for different art mediums. She has collection pieces in many different places all over Iowa such as the Figge Art Museum, Collection of Hunt and Diane Harris, Davenport Public Library, City of Ames, Iowa River Landing Sculpture Walk and Henneman Engineering. Garnant is also featured in multiple sculpture exhibitions throughout the midwest.

With a background in graphic arts, she has dealt with the design and construction of books, black and white photography, letterpress and offset printing. Garnant has used portions of her design background to create pieces in metal. The distinct quality of steel and the combinations of textures reveal unique compositions much like the layering of fine handmade paper. Garnant thinks reinterpreting ideas in metal can turn the most ordinary form on its head and give it a distinctly new identity. She enjoys this transfomation and witnessing all the twists and turns that often take the piece into a completely different realm from the one she had planned on. It is this creative unfolding of each piece that has captured her interest in this form.