Special Bressler-Fest set for this weekend


The band that started it all, EZB Combo will play a special Bressler-Fest event on Sunday, July 12. Initially planned to follow the close of the 40th annual Chicken Show, event organizer Jill Brodersen said the show will go on, even though Wayne's community celebration has been postponed.

"We thought about canceling it, but we really wanted this to be an opportunity for people to come out to the park, and it allows social distancing," Brodersen said.

The music will begin at 6 p.m. in Bressler Park. One of the benefits to using the park as the venue is that members of the public can spread out as they see fit. As in previous years, attendees are encouraged to grab a picnic blanket or lawn chairs and settle in for an evening of free, quality music.

"Come and sit and relax and just enjoy the weather, hopefully, and the company," Brodersen said. "We always make snacks. Tacos & More will be there with their food truck and I believe the Majestic Theatre is bringing concessions also."

EZB Combo is the only band in Bressler-Fest's four-year run that has played all four years consecutively and that's because the band and Brodersen have a special connection, two of the members are her sons, Ezra and Riley. While Brodersen's vision for Bressler-Fest is to have a wide variety of bands and musical genres, the idea of the music in the park event was inspired by memories of taking her own children to similar events in other communities, it was a bonus that her event gave her children the opportunity to play together.

"It's the only time that they play, is at Bressler-Fest and so it's a chance for my son Ezra and his brother Riley to play together. I'm a little selfish that way," Brodersen joked.

EZB Combo plays a mixture of covers and originals with a variety of styles. They'll take the stage from 7-9, after Riley's band, Unusual Too, takes the stage. Riley and his bandmate Jess Hurley are a cover band who play hits any crowd can enjoy.

Sunday's Bressler-Fest event will be a special date, with the usual four Sundays after Labor Day in September. Brodersen said this year's line-up is just starting to be confirmed, but crowds can expect the usual mix of a variety of music from multiple artists, all free and open to the public.

"Where else can you go to a concert, get up and leave if you want?," she said. "Your kids can run around, they can go over there, they can sit here, they can wiggle, they can eat, they can make noise. People can talk. You can't do that anywhere."

Brodersen is actively looking for sponsors for the four September dates. Bressler-Fest works with Wayne Area Economic Development, and those interested in sponsoring can contact the WAED office at (402) 375-2240 or contact Brodersen at (402) 369-1304.