Speech team continues its wins


Members of the Wayne High Speech Team, took part in the Wayne High/Wayne State Classic Invitational on Feb. 3 at Wayne State College.

Results for the Wayne competitors included the following:

Rachel Holland, 18th overall in Informative; Alondra Vega, 18th in Poetry; Sienna Klinetobe, 16th in Serious Prose; Parker Kesting, 15th in Informative; Josie Ley, 15th in Extemporaneous; Adreinne Anderson, 14th in Persuasive; Kennasyn Blecke, 14th in Informative; Ceilus Ibarra, 14th in Serious; Sienna Klinetobe, 13th in Poetry.

Also, Riley Olson, 12th in Serious; the Duet Acting team of Grace Junck and Kennasyn Blecke, 11th; Jordyn Clinchard, 11th in Extemp.; Alondra Vega, 10th in Serious; Madalyn Franta, ninth in Entertainment; the Duet Acting team of Nyamalo Kantai and Sophia Spieker, seventh; Norah Armstrong; seventh in Program Oral Interpretation.

The Duet Acting team of Gabriel Armstrong and Wanso Barner, sixth; Olivia Hanson, fifth in Persuasive; the Oral Interpretation of Drama team on Adrienne Anderson, Grace Junck, Josie Ley, Kennasyn Blecke, and Norah Armstrong, fifth; Nyamalo Kantai, fifth in Program Oral Interpretation; Sophia Spieker, fourth in Entertainment; Colby Raulston, fourth in Program Oral Interpretation; Olivia Hanson, third in Informative; and the Duet Acting team of Madalyn Franta and Colby Raulston, third.

Wayne had three event runners-up on the day. They were:

Ceilus Ibarra in Poetry; Alec Schaffer in Humorous, and Ava Elliot in Persuasive. 

Leading the team were Wayne’s two first-place finishers:  Parker Kesting in Extemporaneous and the Duet Acting team of Aidan Bohnert and Alec Schaffer.

In the team sweepstakes, Wayne finished in the top spot for the second year in a row, ahead of perennial Speech powerhouses Boone Central (second), Hartington-Newcastle (third), Wausa (fourth), and Crofton (fifth).

Next up for the Blue Devils are the Wausa Invitational on Saturday, Feb. 10 and the Battle Creek Invite on Saturday, Feb. 17.