TIF project presented to council


Discussion on the possibility of developing an area in the southeast portion of Wayne highlighted Tuesday's meeting of the Wayne City Council.
Kelby Hermam spoke to the council on a plan to use TIF financing to provide water, sewer and streets to an area that was formerly Mert Marshall property and extending into the former Lage Auction property.
Herman presented to the council drawings of his plans for the area and explained that at least two structures in the area would removed before new homes would be built.
"The community needs a variety of homes and these homes would be in the $119,000 price range. They would not have a basement, but would have a garage. I have done some research on FEMA specifications for tornado shelters and am working on providing some type of shelter for these homes," Herman said.
City Administrator Lowell Johnson said the area in question has already been designated as blight and substandard and eligible for TIF funding. A minimal amount of the land is currently in the flood plain and that issue has been addressed in the plans.
Council member Matt Eischeid, noting that he is "not a big TIF fan," questioned how the bonds would be paid back and what happens as the valuation of the property changes over the 15 year life of the bonds.
Mayor Ken Chamberlain told the council he was in favor of the project.
"Kelby is asking the council to let him use his money and take the risk to build these homes. The project has to go through the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) before it comes back to us for council approval,"Chamberlain said.
Council members approved a plan to add 58 parking stalls at the Wayne Community Activity Center.
Joel Hansen, City Planner/Building Inspector presented several options for parking at the facility and the plan approved by the council will be "an exact mirror of what is there."
Estimated cost of the project is $233,770.
In other action, the council gave first reading approval to an ordinance that would amend the city zoning map to rezone property along East 14th Street from R-1 (Residential) to B-3 (Neighborhood Commercial).
Virgil Kardell, who owns a portion of the property to be re-zoned said there is a possibility he would be developing the property, although exactly what would be built there has not been finalized. Council members were told that with a B-3 zoning designation, the area could include single family dwellings, two-family units or apartments.
Joel Hansen, City Planner/Building Inspector, told the council that the plan has already been brought before the Planning Commission, which gave unanimous approval for the plan. They felt the change in zoning designation would provide " a good buffer between the agricultural land to the north and light industrial area to the south.
Council members also approved a resolution supporting an Eagle Scout project being completed at Roosevelt Park by James Simpson.
The project will be funded in part by a Natural Resources District grant and the city, with much of the work being done by volunteers.
The Wayne City Council will next meet in regular session on Tuesday, April 19 at 5:30 p.m. in council chambers.