Wayne High School will celebrate Prom


Wayne High School will celebrate Prom on Saturday, March 20.

The event will look different this year as activities will take place at the Wayne City Auditorium.

The Grand March will not be open to the public this year. Instead, in-house family members of those taking part in the event will be allowed to attend.

Chosen as this year's prom queen candidates are:

Nikki Fertig, daughter of Tim Fertig and Carrie Fertig;

Karlee Janke, daughter of Chad and Pam Janke;

Emily Longe, daughter of Russ and Becky Longe;

Paige Milliken, daughter of Jim Milliken and Ann Milliken; and

Lauren Pick, daughter of Brent and Karla Pick.

Chosen as this year's prom king candidates are:

Edwin Espino, son of Cornelio Espino and Sandra Velazquez;

Jacob Kneifl, son of Scott and Jenny Kneifl;

Victor Kniesche, son of Vicki and Vince Kniesche;

Corey Rogers, son of Chris and Becky Rogers; and

Liam Spieker, son of Dwaine Spieker and Molly Young.