Wayne Sculpture Walk 2024 includes 11 sculptures


It's time for sculptures! Each week, the Herald will be highlighting two of the 11 sculptures placed along Pearl and Main Streets in Wayne. Last week's features were "Eyes of Wonder" by Sondra Jonson and "Seeds of Change" by Sally Jurgensmier. Make sure to keep an eye out for all the sculptures!


by David Hyduke

The sculpture Continuum by its unfolding pattern suggests the constant change and evolution found throughout nature. The sculpture is 32 inches tall, and 60 inches wide.

This sculpture is located at Main Street on the Our Savior property between 4th and 5th Street.

“Art of the Heart”

by Albert Rhea

Sculpture and the heart have two interconnected concepts that have been explored throughout human history. Sculpture has the power to move people emotionally, to touch their hearts and souls, and to create a deep sense of connection and meaning. Art of The Heart, in turn, is often associated with the deepest emotions, feelings, and desires.

Art of The Heart can be a powerful tool for expressing emotions and feelings that are difficult to put into words. It allows for the communication of complex ideas and experiences in a way that is universal and accessible to people of all backgrounds. Art of the Heart has that nameless power to take people out of their minds and into their hearts. I hope Art of the Heart can connect people to something greater than themselves.

This sculpture is located at the corner of 4th and Main Streets.

Info from https://www.cityartmankato.com/cityart/continuum/